An Epitaph to Make You Laugh

Welcome to Tombstone Ticklerz: slice of life humor with a twist, where everyday expressions take on a whole new meaning. There’s irony, philosophy, political commentary. There’s satire, sarcasm and dry wit. All of these irreverent observations on life and living are availablefor purchase on hundreds of items. To see what you can buy, just click on any Tombstone Tickler you like.

You will soon discover that no subject is sacred. An ordinary statement, a common expression, on a tombstone, can deliver quite a bite. Stroll around the cemetery for your own enjoyment, invite a friend and keep gifting in mind. Yes I'm selling 'stuff' (we the living still need to earn our keep), but this is also about spreading humor.

In case you’re looking for something specific, the chart below will get you to that section more directly. Ticklerz are available for reprint - books, blogs, reports, presentations, the sky is the limit. If you want or need something that you don't see in the (zazzle) store, or you need some custom work contact me directly.  If you'd like to see them in your local newspaper - tell your editor, they listen to their readers!

Come back OFTEN! There are HUNDREDS waiting for 'interment' so there will be weekly additions,
If you then you'll receive timely alerts as to when the newest have arrived. In the meantime, have fun, laugh often, help grow the cemetery by showing your appreciation with your purchases, and please be respectful of the copyright. Everything here is original work by cyd.

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